Is there anything like a Blushing cure?

People who experience severe cases of blushing usually ask if there is a blushing cure which will help them stop blushing once and for all. Cartoons and movie might paint blushing as a normal thing or even as something cute, but those who experience it especially on a regular basis know that going red in […]

What causes blushing?

If you have been wondering about what causes blushing, then you are not alone. For a very long time, it has been a question that has puzzled so many just like you who wonder why their face suddenly turn red when they are embarrassed, in a stressful situation or just for any reason at all. […]

How anxiety causes a flushed face

Anxiety is a problem for many people and can cause you to develop a flushed face, as well as a wide range of other unwanted symptoms. Blushing is very embarrassing and can make people feel very distressed and uncomfortable. One minute you can be a normal colour and the next minute you can gradually feel […]

Understanding your embarrassed face

Many people suffer from blushing, which causes them to develop an embarrassed face. It’s just something that happens to them naturally. No matter what situation they may find themselves in, they feel themselves starting to burn up, gradually turning bright red and sometimes they can even start to sweat. These are very unpleasant symptoms and […]

Tips for Controlling excessive blushing

Many people suffer with facial blushing, it’s hugely embarrassing and causes a great amount of distress, some people, however, suffer from excessive blushing and this can be extremely upsetting. People blush for many different reasons, for instance they blush when their angry, upset, embarrassed or nervous. Some people blush all the time, while for others, […]

How to control blushing

How to control blushing

Well, I’m guessing you’re reading this because you want to learn about how to control blushing. Luckily you’ve come to the right place for great tips on how you can try and prevent blushing. Let’s face it, blushing is hugely embarrassing and for those of us who know all about blushing, it can be very […]

How Did I Cure My Blushing?

About me pages. Hi, My name is James and I am a former blusher. I am sharing my ‘cure my blushing” story so you know how to stop blushing. Up until a few months ago I used to have an extreme facial blushing problem (Erythrophobia) where I would go bright red in the face for […]