How i Cured my Blushing Problem Forever

I used to have Erythrophobia (the fear of facial blushing) and I found my cure.

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I have done a lot of research and included a lot of the information on how to stop blushing and other useful information on this site.

Tips and Other Cures
Blushing Hypnosis
Blushing Surgery

Another good website is obviously Wikipedia, I don’t think the information on the wikipedia/blushing page is all that helpful. It tells you what facial blushing is but not how to stop blushing and stop it from happening for no reason. But it might be helpful for some people.

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P.S. I also have have some articles written by other people on my site. I dont agree with all of the information in them but they have a couple good points. I think My Cure Story has better information explaining how to stop blushing.

Below is an article written by a friend  of mine who has been researching How to stop blushing for some time to assist with this self help project.

5 Tips on How To Stop Blushing

How to stop blushing is something those of us who have to deal with blushing would love to find the answer to. Blushing is a vicious circle when you think about it, you blush when you’re embarrassed about something, and then you become embarrassed because you’re blushing, which makes the situation a whole lot worse.

In fact research has shown that the more we think we are blushing, the more we actually do blush.

You just can’t win, how do you break this cycle? Well, thankfully, there are many ways that you can try and stop blushing. Here I’m going to mention 5 top tips on how to stop blushing in the first place.

Let’s take a closer look at top tips on how to stop blushing!

  1. Unmask the blushing

Did you know that by nature blushing discloses our true feelings? Yes it’s true, as a blusher you feel embarrassed or ashamed about something, while others don’t blush at all. For instance, if you say you liked someone’s meal that they cooked for you, when actually you hated it, you would go on to blush, because you are disclosing your true feelings.

People who blush feel that they are on “display” when it happens to them and this makes situations a lot worse adding to the embarrassment of blushing.

The thing you have to try and do in situations where you feel you are going to blush is to just say “oh I think I’m going to blush now” this is your way of unmasking the blushing, and it does really help. The thing with those of us who blush is that we don’t like to be seen as being different, but by short circuiting the whole thing you really will be making a difference, and this is a great tip on how to stop blushing.

So the key here is to acknowledge that you are blushing and then move on from it, just say “oh I’m blushing” and then try and forget about it, and it will surprise you the difference it makes.

  1. You are not responsible for blushing

You really shouldn’t feel responsible for your blushing, as blushing is just your unconscious mind at work.  Have you ever noticed that you have more control over how you speak to someone over how you blush? It all comes down to your conscious and unconscious mind. For conscious things we do have absolute control, and that’s where the difference is, when it comes to the unconscious we have no control at all.

Did you know that it’s your unconscious mind that causes the changes in blood that leads to blushing? Yes it’s true, take this example, your friend comes to your house and starts to stroke your cat and your cat scratches and makes your friend bleed a little, this situation makes you feel so embarrassed and you begin to blush, your unconscious mind is at work and is the reason for you blushing.

This was a must for my tips on how to stop blushing. We have no control over our unconscious mind, so there’s no need to blush over it.

  1. Control your blood flow

Ok, so this may sound a little crazy, when it comes to how to stop blushing but it really does work. How does this work? I hear you ask. Well it works by you using your imagination, the thing you have to do is to try and have control over the temperature in different areas of your body. So, for instance, if you feel you’re going to start blushing try focusing on your hands, try and focus on your hands warming up, and this will help you from blushing. Yes the blushing will be there, but in your hands and not your face.

  1. Prepare your mind

When you are fully prepared for an event and you actually feel nervous about the whole thing, you’ll be preparing your mind and body for that event and you will be nervous about it.  What if, though, you imagined the event to be very relaxed and chilled out, picture yourself having fun and enjoying every moment. What this does is, it helps you send a message to your unconscious mind that you can and will be fine in different situations. The more you imagine this to be true, the more it will become reality. Keeping your cool will become automatic to you and for tips on how to stop blushing, this one’s the biggie! It’s all about staying cool and calm in all situations.

  1. Think of your past blushes

This is a very useful tip when it comes to how to stop blushing. Sit and think for a moment, think about all those past events that you may have blushed at. Even though you know you blushed, you should try and think about them differently. Think about them as if you never blushed at all and that you were cool and calm, this really does work. What this does is it rewrites history, and to your unconscious mind, you will be sending the message that there really was no blushing, even though there was. Yes your conscious mind will know you blushed but your unconscious mind will see things differently.

Final thoughts

You really can help with your blushing by following these five tips. Blushing causes so much embarrassment and it shouldn’t, you have no control over your blushing when it occurs.

The main point to make here is that you should acknowledge your blushing and then quickly move on from it. The faster you stop thinking about your blushing while it’s happening, the better.

You will soon see that you do have power when it comes to your blushing, and that’s to know when it’s happening, by actually acknowledging it, this is what’s known as unmasking it, and then once you’ve acknowledged it, forget about it. I really hope my tips on how to stop blushing has helped you, just remember, staying cool and calm in all situations is the key to controlling your blushing.