Tips/Other Cures

Some tips

If you suffer from the fear of blushing (Erythrophobia) then I have a few tips that can hopefully help you out.

Firstly try and stay away from energy food and drinks, also any caffeine products are not recommended.
Stopping the consumption of these products will not cure your blushing but it will help a little.

Here are some cures that you can try

If you have read how I cured my blushing then you will know that Hypnosis is my first choice to try when you want to stop this torturous disability.

Hypnosis is cheap safe and painless. So what do you have to lose? The track exact hypnosis track that cured me can be found here.

These other cures I would not recommend as I have tried most of them and can say they do more harm than good, but here they are anyway.

Beta blockers/pills/drugs:

Beta blockers reduce the effects of adrenalin on the sympathetic nervous system, which is what mostly controls that horrible panic feeling just before you blush. I have tried the beta blocker propranolol, also known as derilin. At first it worked for me but then It stops and you have to keep upping the dosage.

Depending on your weight you can only go up to a certain dosage. After a few months I stopped using this pill because it made me a zombie, I was more lazy and unmotivated to do anything.  I was basically brain dead. I wouldn’t ever go back to these pills. But they are an option to try if the hypnosis doesn’t work for you.

The next thing you can try is some


I also tried an antidepressant called Zoloft, it works more in your brain. When your brain doesn’t produce enough serotonin it can cause you to become more stressed and prone to blush. Zoloft helps the brain to produce more serotonin. It also turns you into a zombie. I stopped this drug over 2 years ago and I believe it is still affecting me. These drugs are not good for you.


This is another pill. It is available on the internet. Would you guess that I have tried this to? It had no effect good or bad. If you want to waste some money on this scam then take eradicane.

Lastly there is

ETS Surgery:

I have another page on this surgery to stop blushing. I haven’t had this but I don’t recommend it. Heard some pretty bad things about it and I have seen a neurologist about it who strongly recommended against having it done.


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